THE ROMANTIC with Swiss Lace


THE ROMANTIC with Swiss Lace


THE ROMANTIC is part of the limited lingerie edition THE BLACK CLASSICS, which is designed and hand made in Switzerland.

The bralette has adjustable straps and is lined with soft tulle. The bralette ends on both sides with a triple row hook to attach the back jewelry.

Swiss lace | Cotton and polyamid
Inlay | Polyester and spandex

For customized bralettes contact us personally.

Please notice that the bralette is only sold in combination with a back jewelry or to customers that already own a back jewelry.

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The new lingerie collection THE BLACK CLASSICS is designed and hand made in Switzerland by elie's two designers Lisa Nill and Stephanie Althaus. THE BLACK CLASSIC is inspired by geometric forms and clean lines of the back jewelry. The four designs are characterized by subtle combination of Swiss lace or Italian silk with elastic bands. The collection features classic lingerie pieces every woman should own to wear according to her mood. Be adored!



The back jewelry is worn with one of elie's bra designs, which is available in different sizes. The back jewelry ends with three rings, which can be easily hooked into the provided bra hooks on both sides of the bra. These three rings allow you to adjust the band for the perfect fit. All back jewelry designs can be worn with the all of elie's bra designs.


Recommended steps

1 | If available, put the necklace of the back jewelry around your head

2 | Grab both ends of the back jewelry, adjust it, and hook the chain extender into the provided hooks on one side of the bra

3 | Put the back jewelry and the bra around your waist and hook the chain extender into the provided hooks on the other side of the bra

4 | Adjust the bra and back jewelry