Our Story

A love for backless clothes or One love for a beautiful back


The Swiss brand elie was founded by Stephanie Althaus and Elena Corazza in July 2014. The two founders saw the need for a new kind of jewelry as they faced the same challenge as many other women have: They love backless clothes, but they couldn't find any satisfying solution to wear with it. Therefore, they created a refined, and elegant back jewelry in combination with a bra. While being an aesthetic eye catcher, it provides the functional benefits of a bra. 

Few years past, but the love for backless goes on. Meanwhile, elie has a selected assortment of jewelry, lingerie and clothing with the main focus on the back.


“[...] People will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou


Our Designs

Perfection through reduction

We believe that good design is achieved through reduction. All our pieces are characterized through clean lines combined with modest details. We carefully design and handcraft our designs in Berne. Our jewelry is created with selected gemstones, pearls and silver chains. Therefore, every piece is unique due to its craftsmanship and the natural materials it is made of. Also for your clothing and lingerie collection we focus on working with high quality garments, preferably from Switzerland or nearby.


and real and  craftsmanship meets innovation.